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wholesome health that fuels your body



To begin, Lauren starts with a free telephone consultation so that she can understand your fitness and nutrition goals. When moving forward,you'll meet for an initial counseling session. Here, you'll further discuss your goals, your lifestyle, nutrition, barriers to healthy eating, and limitations. You'll work with Lauren to devise a plan that's most appropriate for you, that you're comfortable with, and that will fuel your body for endurance. After your initial assessment, you'll receive a visit summary that can help guide your nutrition going forward.  



Lauren will provide you with meal and snack recipes geared towards your specific needs and based towards your fitness goals. She'll provide resources for you to reference so that you can always find a new weeknight dish and know what you should be eating pre/post exercise. Lauren can help those experiencing regular fatigue through workouts, dehydration, bonking, or cramping. She'll help you work through all the different products on the market to determine which works best for your body and training. She'll help you train more comfortably during pregnancy, weight loss, with diabetes, celiac disease, hypothyroidism, post-surgery, and more. 



Based on individual need, Lauren will schedule additional 45-minute follow up sessions to review progress, adjustments, and short-term goals. When purchasing nutrition packages, you'll have access to Lauren via text and email for quick responses to your tricky nutrition questions. Lauren will work with you through your training seasons to periodize your nutrition as your training changes. She'll help you feel more comfortably for greater longevity and overall wellness. 

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